High Throughput Humanities: Final Call for Abstracts

Note: This post was originally posted on the Complexity and Social Networks Blog.

A quick reminder that April 30th is the final chance to submit an abstract to the High Throughput Humanities Workshop that I’m organizing along with Riley Crane , Gourab Ghoshal, and Max Schich, at this years European Conference on Complex Systems in Lisbon this September (I wrote about this in more detail a couple of months ago).

We have an amazing Program Committee that includes:

Albert-László Barabási, CCNR Northeastern University, USA.
Guido Caldarelli, INFM-CNR Rome, Italy.
Gregory Crane, Tufts University, USA.
Lars Kai Hansen, Technical University of Denmark.
Bernardo Huberman, HP Laboratories, USA.
Martin Kemp, Trinity College, Oxford, UK.
Roger Malina, Leonardo/ISAST, France.
Franco Moretti, Stanford University, USA.
Didier Sornette, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Full details can be found at the workshop website http://hth.eccs2010.eu/. There’s even a neat little introductory video (from our talk at Ignite Boston 7):

We hope you will submit an abstract!

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