Twittermood 2: Election special

The midterm elections are coming up, so we decided to create our own little twitter mood election center.

“Twitter has grown to become an important aspect of public debate and leading up to Tuesday’s midterms, the Twitterverse is abuzz with conversations on the topics that will decide the individual races.

It is well known that the state you live in plays a role in deciding what issues you care about. By utilizing the fact that conversations on twitter are public, we can geocode individual tweets, and study where Americans are talking about specific issues.

In this way, Twitter allows us to extrapolate from millions of water cooler conversations and show where the conversations are taking place right now.”

Check it out by clicking on one of the images below:

Standard representation

Basically, the idea was to play around with the Twitter stream and do something in real-time for the midterm elections. So we decided to dig into where people are talking about the various issues that are shaping the debate leading up to the election.

See the page for full details.

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