NetSci 2013: Venue and Dates

It’s time to get out your pencils and mark your 2013 calendars:

NetSci 2013 will take place June 3rd – 7th at the new The Royal Library (the Black Diamond) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Along with fellow organizing committee members Petter Holme, Joachim Mathiesen, and Alan Mislove, I’m excited to announce that we’ve secured an incredible venue for NetSci 2013.

In order to provide non-Copenhageners with a sense of how amazing this space is going to be, I’ve included a few photos:

And the interior is spectacular as well:

And the venue is, of course, just the beginning – we have many more pleasant surprises planned for NetSci 2013. Stay tuned for updates.

Image credits (in order of appearance):

2 responses to “NetSci 2013: Venue and Dates”

  1. Sune,
    I have just checked out your entire website. Rather amazing and totally fascinating! Yes — and indeed!!

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