Not a bad couple of months

Three pieces of excellent news since I last posted here:

On December 13th, I received The Jorck Foundation’s research prize, which is awarded to three young researchers annually (as is evident from the photo, “young-ish researchers” might be more appropriate).

I’ve stolen the image from the DTU announcement (in Danish), which lists all names, etc. The gentleman on my right hand side is the Danish supreme court president, Børge Dahl, who is also the director the Jorck Foundation’s board. Justice Dahl awarded the prize in person inside the actual supreme court, at Christiansborg Palace – the proceedings were very old-worldly (is that a word) and fancy.

Then, on January 23rd, I was officially awarded millions in a very nice research grant as a part of the Villum Foundation‘s Young Investigator Program. More information on the content of the proposal can be found here (official DTU page).

In fact, I’m currently looking for a new PhD student (fully funded) to work on this project; should you be interested, you can read the details here.

Finally, effective February 1st, I am an Associate Professor of social informatics, still at DTU Informatics — and this might be the very best piece of news in a great couple of months.

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