Cover Story

So catching up on recent developments, a big item from last month is that I made the cover of the local university paper DTU avisen – with nice photos and everything.

The best version of the article is only available in Danish [find it here]. Due to a bit of last minute editorial changes, a bunch of errors made their way into the printed version [find it here DK link, GB link (pdf), GB link (html)]

Sune in Boston

Just a quick post to note that I’m in Boston and will be around for much of the summer (the rest of July and the first part of August). I arrived a bit over a week ago, but have been too busy to update the blog – I guess better late than never. In fact I have a substantial blog-backlog, so expect more activity on the blog over the next few weeks.

I’ll be spending my time at Center for Complex Network Research and the LazerLab. Do send me an email if you’re around and would like to meet up!