NetSci 2013: Nine reasons to go (Reason 4)

With only one week left for submissions, the list of reasons to visit NetSci continues. This time announcing an exciting event that’s not even on the conference site yet.

Reason 4: Publisher Session

On Thursday night we’re having a special publisher session. The idea is to give editors a chance to speak to authors about their journals – what they’re looking for in terms content & scientific writing.

The event will take place on the evening of June 6th and will feature a mix of talks and panel discussion. We have secured (another) great location, this time at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Guests & speakers include:
  • Joerg Heber, representing Nature Communications.
  • Hernan Rozenfeld, representing APS (Physical Review Letters and Physical Review E).
  • Ernesto Estrada, representing the new Journal of Complex Networks from Oxford University Press.
  • Alessandro Vespignani, representing EPJ Data Science.
  • We also hope to have a representative for Network Science form Cambridge University Press.

We’re still planning this event, so we may have surprise speakers as well. Note that seating for publisher session will be limited, so keep an eye on the NetSci page for up-to-date information on how to attend.

Also don’t forget to read about the first three reasons to visit NetSci 2013:

Stay tuned for the rest of this series.

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