NetSci 2013: Nine reasons to go (all of them)

Phew. There’s only one day to go before the call for abstracts closes, but with a burst of posts in the last couple of days, I finally managed to complete the list of 9 reasons to visit NetSci this year. This post summarizes and lists all 9 reasons (although it’d be great if you could read them all) – hoping to convince you that you absolutely need to head on over and submit a 1-page abstract on your most recent fun result … so you can join in on the fun. The very best reason to go, is all the interesting, intelligent, and creative people you will meet in Copenhagen.

Don't forget to submit an abstract
Don’t forget to submit an abstract

And check out the brand new poster for more info + don’t forget to retweet, +1, put on mailing lists, and so on.

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