New SensibleDTU graphic

New PhD student in my lab Piotr Sapieżyński has been working on creating a new logo/header for SensibleDTU and I think what we’ve ended up with is pretty awesome! The progression neatly illustrates the power of iteration.

The idea for even updating the old header (shown below)


originated from the image below that we found Tue Herlau’s personal homepage.

Starting point

That thing was just too cool, so we begged Tue for the script, and he agreed to share. But we also wanted to introduce a few changes such as DTU-red (153,0,0) letters on a colorful background. And reduce the “noise” a bit. So the first version looked like this:


Not bad, but definitely room for improvement. We decided to get rid of the square nodes, play around with node-sizes, increase density of nodes inside the letters, and try out colors nabbed from the WWDC13 logo for the “background” network.


This looks great – and I was happy!

But at this point Piotr was simply unstoppable. Below is the final version, which I think is just gorgeous.


This time the changes are more subtle. Node borders have been removed. The edge colors are now the official DTU-grey (153,153,153). Simultaneously, the height has been reduced to produce a more compact look, and the background nodes now change color continuously across a bright rainbow-ish spectrum (no longer WWDC13 colors).

Click each image to see a larger version – and as always, comments & questions are welcome.

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