Influential Bots!

A couple of days I wrote (with Piotr Sapieżyński) about our influential Twitterbots [click here to read more]. We know the bots are great at getting followers, but what about other measures of influence? Today, on a whim, I checked the bots’ Klout scores, and was both surprised & impressed. I’m fairly certain that the bots… Continue reading Influential Bots!

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You’re here because of a robot

Note: This post is co-written with Piotr Sapieżyński Is it possible for a small computer science course to exert measurable influence (trending topics) on Twitter, a massive social network with hundreds of millions of users? The surprising answer to that question is “yes”. That’s exactly what we did this year, using simple Python scripts and the… Continue reading You’re here because of a robot

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