Later this month, we’re lucky to have Jari Saramäki visiting and speaking at the lab. Jari is an expert on temporal networks (I highly recommend the excellent review paper on temporal networks that Jari co-authored with past and future guest of the lab, Petter Holme).

Jari is an associate professor at Aalto University and a highly cited author of many high impact papers on complex networks, for example:

  • Jari Saramäki, E. A. Leicht, Eduardo López, Sam G. B. Roberts, Felix Reed-Tsochas, and Robin I. M. Dunbar. Persistence of social signatures in human communication. PNAS 111 (3) 942-947 (2014).
  • Lauri Kovanen, Kimmo Kaski, János Kertész, and Jari Saramäki. Temporal motifs reveal homophily, gender-specific patterns, and group talk in call sequences. PNAS 110 (45) 18070-18075 (2013).
  • J.-P. Onnela, J. Saramäki, J. Hyvönen, G. Szabó, D. Lazer, K. Kaski, J. Kertész, and A.-L. Barabási. Structure and tie strengths in mobile communication networks. PNAS 104 (18) 7332-7336 (2007).

Below are the details of his talk.

From minutes to months: call network dynamics at multiple timescales

  • Date: 27th of January
  • Time: 14:00
  • Location: Auditorium 040 in DTU Building 324.

Abstract: Big Data on human interactions and communication have revolutionized the ways how human behaviour can be approached from a quantitative point of view. Mobile telephone Call Detail Records (CDR’s) have proven especially fruitful for understanding one-to-one communication patterns and the dynamics of inferred social networks. I will discuss what happens and when in call networks constructed from CDR’s with time stamps; this talk can be considered a mini-review of what we know about temporal networks of mobile telephone calls. I will begin with short timescales and fast dynamics (such as burstiness of sequences of calls between individuals) and “zoom out”, from temporal motifs formed of correlated calls between multiple individuals to long-term dynamics of personal networks of individuals.

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