Jim Bagrow Visit and Talk

This week my good friend & collaborator James Bagrow (assistant professor at University of Vermont) is visiting the group. He’s an excellent speaker, and we’re lucky enough that he’s agreed to give a talk as part of his visit. If you’re anywhere near Copenhagen, his talk is worth the trip out to DTU. Here are the details:

  • Time: Friday June 19th, 2015. 10:00am
  • Location: Technical University of Denmark, Building 321. First floor “Lab Space”. If you need directions, click here.
  • Title: Data-driven approaches to studying human dynamics
  • Abstract: Research on human dynamics and computational social science has been revolutionized by new data taken from online social networks. These modern datasets capture activity patterns across very large populations. Using these records, new results have been discovered and existing hypotheses have been tested. But what is the fundamental limit of social information stored in these data? These data also have sampling biases and other issues that make uncertainty quantification crucial. Along these lines, I will discuss current projects related to inferring hidden structure in partially observed networks and using large-scale Twitter data to estimate how information is stored and flows through social networks.  

(And Vedran Sekara’s PhD defense is that same afternoon).

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