Roberta Sinatra visit

I’m very excited to have Roberta Sinatra visiting the group for the week of April 3rd. She is an Assistant Professor at the Center for Network Science and Math Department at the Central European University in Budapest.

Roberta works on ‘the science of success’, her most recent adventures resulting in two very impressive pieces in the interdisciplinary journal Science (and corresponding world wide press coverage). Check out those papers here and here.

She will give a talk about her work at DTU Compute. Details can be found below.

  • Date: April 4th, 2017
  • Time: 13:00
  • Location: Technical University of Denmark, Building 321, 1st floor lab space.

Title: Quantifying the evolution of individual scientific impact

Abstract:Despite the frequent use of numerous quantitative indicators to gauge the professional impact of a scientist, little is known about how scientific impact emerges and evolves in time. In this talk we quantify the changes in impact and productivity throughout a career in science and show that impact, as measured by influential publications, is distributed randomly within a scientist’s sequence of publications. This random impact rule allows us to formulate a stochastic model that uncouples the effects of productivity, individual ability and luck, unveiling the existence of universal patterns governing the emergence of scientific success. The model assigns a unique individual parameter Q to each scientist, which is stable during a career and accurately predicts the evolution of a scientist’s impact, from the h-index to cumulative citations. Finally, we show that the Q-parameter is more predictive of independent recognitions, like prizes, than cumulative citations, h-index or productivity.

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