Sune Lehmann Talk

Next week, I’ll be giving a talk about SensibleDTU at DTU. I hope the text below explains everything.

  • Title: Sensible DTU. Is that project still going on? If yes, I wonder what the h&ck they’re working on these days?
  • Date: Tuesday Nov 7th, 2017.
  • Time: 13:00
  • Location: DTU, Building 324, Room 030

Abstract: We’ve actually been doing a lot of interesting work on the Sensible DTU dataset  over the past year or so. (SensibleDTU is the project where we collected + dynamic multilayer network and behavioral data from 1000 smartphones) . This talk covers highlights and goes in depth with the most exciting projects. And you have a chance to ask questions: Maybe there’s something in there for you to test your own algorithm on. I’m also considering delivering some deep and personal revelations.

Notice: The talk will be filmed as part of a movie created by the Villum Foundation, who funded a large chunk of Sensible DTU. And – if you agree – you might end up in the film.

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