Benjamin Maier Talk

This Wednesday we will have Benjamin Maier, a PhD student (physics) from Dirk Brockmann’s group speaking at DTU. Ben is based at the Robert Koch-Institut but also affiliated with Humboldt University Berlin’s physics department and IRI Life Sciences. His interest lies in identifying the underlying processes of human contact facilitating the spread of diseases. In particular he is investigating the influence of structural properties of human contact networks or human transport networks, both of static and dynamic nature.

  • Title: Flockworks, A class of dynamic network models for face-to-face interactions
  • Date: Wednesday, November 29th
  • Time: 13:30
  • Location:  DTU, Building 321, 1st floor lab space

Abstract: Studying the dynamics of face-to-face interaction networks is essential for a better understanding of contact mediated processes, contagion processes, and disease spreading. In many studies regarding social systems, networks are reconstructed using time averages or integrated networks, in which links reflect an interaction likelihood, although frequently this measure is not well defined but serves as a qualitative feature from which network properties are computed. During the last years a significant effort was made to resolve this issue by developing algorithms to analyse dynamic processes on the actual time-dependent contact patterns of social systems. However, there is still a lack of simple dynamic network models generating temporal networks of typical behaviour observed in real systems.

We introduce a class of minimal dynamic network models that naturally yield group formation and are easy to control. In those models, randomly chosen individual nodes cut their existing links, connect to a target node and establish links to the target’s neighbors. We discuss a variety of properties of those models and show how to use it for comparison of epidemic processes on real-world data.

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