Inaugural lecture

Sometime last year I became an adjunct professor at University of Copenhagen’s Department of Sociology. And just to be clear: I’m still primarily the Technical University of Denmark. The adjunct position is more of a way of signaling that I work closely with social science researchers (e.g. through my associate director position at SODAS).

Anyway, the important thing here is that I’m finally giving my inaugural lecture. The lecture is a fun chance for me to reflect on what’s happened up to now. My goal is to make the lecture be fun, entertaining, and personal (in a way that I hope will shed light on the mechanics of the scientific process). I hope you’ll come and see it. 

Here are the details:

  • Date & Time: Friday April 20th
  • Location: Room 35.01.44, University of Copenhagen. [It’s not super easy to find building 35, so here’s special directions: The easiest way is to go to Gammeltoftgade 15, Copenhagen K and enter the brand-new building (Building 35), then head to the basement & follow the signs to 35.01.44]
  • Official link.

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