Too Lazy to Read the Paper. Episode 1

The first episode of my podcast Too Lazy to Read the Paper is out now!

It’s finally out!

This inaugural episode features physicist, urban planning, human mobility and transportation scientist Marta C. González from UC Berkeley explaining the long and winding road to her paper The TimeGeo modeling framework for urban mobility without travel surveys [1].

In the podcast, we take our time, tracing Marta’s career from Venezuelan graduate student, to postdoc in Germany, Notre Dame (US), and Boston. We hear a bit about what it’s like to be a physicist at MIT’s transportation department … and how all those things shaped Marta’s research and the paper we’re discussing.

If you’re checking out this podcast to get an easily digestible version of your favorite paper, you’re out of luck. The goal here is more like the directors commentary of a movie … rich with detail about the person behind the paper.

And it seems like the plan worked, check out these replies 🙂

You can also get it as an audio-only podcast here (I’m working on getting it on iTunes and all that stuff, but it’s not quite there yet.)



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