“Too Lazy”: Episode 2 with Roberta Sinatra

Today is Roberta Sinatra day on #TooLazyPod!! Roberta is a physicist, an expert on science of succes, and all-round fantastic person. In the podcast, we talks about her recent paper “Success and luck in creative careers”.

Episode 2 is out!

In the conversation, talk about a range of things and get deep into the process of creating science, the “backstage” part of things. If you want an overview of topics, the podcast now has time-stamps.

  • [0:00:00] Sune shamelessly fishing for compliments about the podcast trailer.
  • [0:02:19] We talk about Roberta’s past work, ending up in Boston and working on success.
  • [0:10:29] Why Roberta is a scientist, the experience of working in BarabasiLab.
  • [0:20:20] How did the question of *Luck* enter into Roberta’s research?
  • [0:32:08] The difficulty of finding the right question. Being in “the cloud”.
  • [0:37:00] A solution begins to present itself. The Q-model.
  • [0:44:53] Decomposing success into skill and luck.
  • [0:48:47] Data sources, proxies (+ power-laws vs log-normals). [0:55:45] Sune’s mind is blown learning about multiplicative luck (3).
  • [1:03:30] Getting to the results of the paper!
  • [1:14:07] How is talent inherited?
  • [1:19:54] Wrapping up!

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