My favorite talk by me

On May 20th, 2014, I gave a talk at Christiania in Copenhagen. The talk was at a cool talk-series called “Science and Cocktails”, and my talk had the title “Complex Networks: Connections, Measurements, and Social Systems“.

To this day I still have fond memories of that talk. It was a packed room, in a stylish old derelict cinema, where – incidentally – the video for this pop hit (which I kind of dig, btw), was shot. And that night people actually liked my jokes. It’s not so often you get laugh-out-loud reactions to a science talk. This one was my favorite experience of giving a talk ever.

The talk itself is entirely non-technical, full of silliness, and contains a kind of history of Physics-y Network Science, plus in-the-thick-of-it results from our (then on-going) project Sensible DTU.

Now, a few days ago in early October 2021 [1], for reasons unknown to me, someone put the video of that night on YouTube. I haven’t watched it (I worry a little bit that it won’t live up to my recollection of it), but I’m posting it here so I have a way of finding it again.


[1] Interestingly, it’s been 7 years since I gave the talk. And the pop video I linked in the post was the song “7 years” by Lucas Graham. Coincidence? Or proof that the Illuminati are running everything? We will never know.

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