Much ado …

So, recently, I won a Danish research award. A side effect of winning the award is that a bunch of Sune-material was created around it. For example, an official portrait

There is also a video of me doing “research-y” stuff.

And there’s even a little written “portrait” of me (in Danish).

I can’t really put this stuff in my normal photo library (don’t want to do that to the rest of the family), So now, I’m doing a little blog-post to have it all collected in a single one place.

The true highlight of the day, however, was when I had to go on stage. My last name is first alphabetically, so I was the first person on stage. Prior to the ceremony we had been carefully briefed about where to stand, members of the Danish Royal Family weren’t shaking hands yet and much more. But what I hadn’t anticipated is that the minister and the crown princess had not received that briefing. So when I got on stage and walked to my designated spot (where the Crown Princess gave me a warm handshake), there was a moment of confusion.

This confusion was picked up by Billedbladet, a Danish gossip magazine which subsequently ran a story entitled (my translation): Confusion on stage: Crown Princess Mary helped get things under control. If you click through, there’s even a video of the “incident”.

Confusion on stage!

So that’s perhaps the real breakthrough: I made it to the tabloids 😅

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