My office is on the first floor of Building 321, room 126.

If you’re arriving from central Copenhagen via public transportation, I recommend taking Bus 150S  (which runs frequently, starting at Nørreport). You exit the bus at DTU and follow this route:

You can also take the train to Lyngby Station and then grab bus number 190.

University of Copenhagen

Our University of Copenhagen offices are part of CSS on Øster Farimagsgade. We are actually right under the dome, as illustrated below.

And below is a more conventional map that shows where to enter.

Once you’re inside the archway, first turn right to enter through the automatic doors. Now that you’re inside the building proper, turn left and take the stairs to the top floor, walk to the right and walk through the big white door that says SODAS on it. My office is down the hall a bit on the right (1.2.25).

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