• TEDx Aarhus

    TEDx Aarhus

    In the beginning of October, I headed to Aarhus to participate in TEDx Aarhus. It’s was a great learning experience and excellent fun to participate in that event. The Aarhus TEDx crew were  just super pro at everything. That includes excellent, pro-level photos – and they posted all those great photos to Flickr.  Below, I’m […]

  • Pantelis Pipergias Analytis visit

    On October 9th, we are lucky to have Pantelis Pipergias Analytis visiting the group. Pantelis recently moved as an assistant professor at the Danish Institute of Advanced Studies (D-IAS) at the  University of Southern Denmark. Before moving to Denmark, he spent the past two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Computer and Information Science department at […]

  • Piotr Sapieżyński on Fairness in ranking

    Our old friend Piotr, current postdoc at Northeastern, and graduate from the group is visiting from his new home beyond the Atlantic. This coming Thursday, Piotr will give a short about his most recent work. Details below. Time: Thursday, Sept 6th. 11AM Location: Technical University of Denmark.B321, lab-space Title: Fairness in ranking Abstract: Ranked lists of persons and […]

  • Bernardo Huberman and AI for the Network

    Later this month we will have legendary researcher Bernardo Huberman visiting. And we’re lucky enough to have him giving a talk on one of the most exciting new developments in Network Science: Applying AI to networking problems. Bernardo has been a central player throughout the rise of network theory (and mentor for field notables, such […]

  • Max Schich Talk

    We’re lucky to have Max Schich visiting DTU tomorrow. Max is an associate professor for arts and technology at The University of Texas at Dallas and a founding member of the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History. His work converges hermeneutics, information visualization, computer science, and physics to understand art, history, and culture. Schich is the […]

  • Inaugural lecture

    Sometime last year I became an adjunct professor at University of Copenhagen’s Department of Sociology. And just to be clear: I’m still primarily the Technical University of Denmark. The adjunct position is more of a way of signaling that I work closely with social science researchers (e.g. through my associate director position at SODAS). Anyway, […]

  • Video about Sune

    The amazing Villum Foundation (who first funded the SensibleDTU project back in 2012) wanted to showcase some of the work coming out of their Young Investigator Program. As part of that, they have produced a beautiful video about my research (and also a bit about who I am). It’s directed by Ole Stenum who shot […]

  • Benjamin Maier Talk

    This Wednesday we will have Benjamin Maier, a PhD student (physics) from Dirk Brockmann’s group speaking at DTU. Ben is based at the Robert Koch-Institut but also affiliated with Humboldt University Berlin’s physics department and IRI Life Sciences. His interest lies in identifying the underlying processes of human contact facilitating the spread of diseases. In particular […]

  • Sune Lehmann Talk

    Next week, I’ll be giving a talk about SensibleDTU at DTU. I hope the text below explains everything. Title: Sensible DTU. Is that project still going on? If yes, I wonder what the h&ck they’re working on these days? Date: Tuesday Nov 7th, 2017. Time: 13:00 Location: DTU, Building 324, Room 030 Abstract: We’ve actually […]

  • Hartmut Lentz Talk

    For the concluding speaker in our September-talks series, I am happy to announce that Hartmut Lentz will talk about his work on spread of infectious disease on temporal networks. Hartmut works at the “Institut für Epidemiologie” at the Friedrich Loeffler Institute. He is a fantastic speaker and an authority on temporal networks. Full details below. Date: […]