• PostDoc Jobs

    [Note: Thanks for the many emails on this!! I will post new openings right here on this blog when they arise.] I’m currently involved in two super-exciting projects that are currently hiring postdocs, so if you ever thought about moving to Copenhagen to do great science, now is the time. And with all these job postings, might […]

  • Esteban Moro Talk

    Monday June 13th is shaping up to be an exciting day for data science in Copenhagen. I’ve already announced that Christo Wilson is giving a talk at DTU, but now I’m happy to add Esteban Moro to the speaker line-up for a fantastic double bill. (And Piotr’s PhD defense at 2pm that afternoon will also […]

  • Christo Wilson Talk

    A PhD defence is a great way to bring interesting people to Denmark, and Piotr’s defense on June 13th is no exception. This time we’re lucky to have recent NSF Career grant recipient Christo Wilson from Northeastern University visiting. Christo’s work includes auditing algorithms, security and privacy, and online social networks. Much of his work focuses on […]

  • Data Stories Winner

    Ulf Aslak Jensen, who’s writing his M.Sc thesis in my group (well, actually he’s at the Weizman institute working with Uri Alon, but that’s another story) has just won Science Magazine‘s Data Stories competition with the following video about a cool visualization he created based on SensibleDTU data. Ulf has gotten lots of nice coverage, […]

  • Dave Choffnes visit

    Next Thursday, we’re lucky to have Dave Choffnes visiting the lab. David Choffnes is an assistant professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. His research is primarily in the areas of distributed systems and networking, with a recent focus on mobile systems and privacy. Much of his work entails crowdsourcing […]

  • United Stats of Words

    In early December, Alan Mislove (who’s spending his sabbatical here in Copenhagen) and I, got the Volvo and headed out to the Amager Campus of University of Copenhagen to pick up Anders Søgaard, a professor of linguistics, to work on a top secret research project. The project itself is still classified, but one of the things we’re looking into […]

  • Not a bad year

    Not a bad year

    As we enter the new year, it’s always fun to reflect on the year that’s just passed. And it’s been a good one. So good that I almost entitled this post “Everything is awesome”. Below is a list containing a lot of the stuff I should have written about during the year. Graduation day Back in June, Vedran […]

  • Great trip to Cologne

    I recently went to the excellent GESIS CSS Winter Symposium in Cologne. The symposium was brilliantly organized by Markus Strohmaier, who has grown it into a major Computational Social Science event (this year 290 participants) within a very short time. So many interesting people to talk to! My talk was about Fundamental Structures of Complex Social Network and […]

  • Digital Halo Video

    Yesterday we put together a video that briefly (40 seconds) describes our ongoing Data Transparency Lab Project Digital Halo. You can take a look below. Big thanks to Mieszko and Kelton for invaluable planning/design/production input & help.

  • Alan Mislove

    This whole year, we’re lucky enough to have collaborator & all-round awesome guy Alan Mislove spending his sabbatical connected to my group. Alan is an associate professor College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. His research concerns distributed systems and networks, with a focus on using social networks to enhance the security, privacy, and efficiency […]