SensibleDTU Publications

From September 2013 to February 2016 my group – in collaboration with a consortium of researchers from university of copenhagen – ran a large experiment called SensibleDTU based on data collection using smartphones.

Using the smartphone sensors, we collected networks of who met in physical space (via Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi), who called each other on the phone or sent text messages, who were friends on Facebook and how they interacted on that platform. We also collected data on how people move around in space (via GPS), and asked a large number of questions on demographics as well.

This page provides an over view of publications from this study (or at least the ones I’m involved in). Below, I have grouped them thematically and ordered them in reverse chronological order within each theme (this page was updated November 2016).


The main reference for the study describes the dataset, our motivations, and also talks a bit about user privacy. (This is the one to cite if you want to refer to the study in general.)

  • A Stopczynski, V Sekara, P Sapiezynski, A Cuttone, MM Madsen, JE Larsen, and S Lehmann. Measuring large-scale social networks with high resolution. PLOS One 9(4), e95978 (2014). Download here.

Network Science

  • V Sekara, A Stopczynski,  and S Lehmann. The fundamental structures of dynamic social networksProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 113(35), 9977-9982 (2016). Download here. There is also a “directors commentary” for this paper that provides context and a popular explanation of some of the findings: read it here.
  • A Mollgaard, I Zettler, J Dammeyer, MH Jensen, S Lehmann, J Mathiesen. Measure of Node Similarity in Multilayer Networks. PLOS One 11(6), e0157436 (2016). Download here.
  • YA de Montjoye, A Stopczynski E Shmueli, A Pentland and S Lehmann. The strength of the strongest ties in collaborative problem solving.  Scientific Reports 4, 5277 (2014). Download here.

Human Mobility

  • L Alessandretti, P Sapiezynski, S Lehmann, and A Baronchelli. Multi-scale spatio-temporal analysis of human mobility. arXiv:1609.05514 (2016). Download here.
  • L Alessandretti, P Sapiezynski, S Lehmann, and A Baronchelli. Evidence for a Conserved Quantity in Human Mobility. arXiv:1609.03526 (2016). Download here.
  • A Cuttone, S Lehmann, and MC Gonzalez. Understanding Predictability and Exploration in Human Mobility. arXiv:1608.01939 (2016). Download here.
  • A Cuttone, S Lehmann, and JE LarsenInferring human mobility from sparse low accuracy mobile sensing data. in “Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing”, 995-1004 (2014). Find it here.


  • E Mones, A Stopczynski, A Pentland, N Hupert, and S Lehmann. Vaccination and Complex Social Dynamics. arXiv:1603.00910 (2016). Download here.
  • A Stopczynski, P Sapiezynski, A. Pentland, and S Lehmann. Temporal fidelity in dynamic social networks. The European Physical Journal B, 88(10) 1-6 (2015). Download here.
  • A Stopczynski, A Pentland, and S Lehmann. Physical Proximity and Spreading in Dynamic Social Networks, arXiv:1509.06530 (2015). Download here.


  • P Sapiezynski, A Stopczynski, R Gatej, and S Lehmann. Tracking human mobility using wifi signals, PLOS One, 10(7), e0130824 (2015). Download here. Read a popular explanation of our findings here.
  • A Stopczynski, R Pietri, A Pentland, D. Lazer and S. Lehmann. Privacy in sensor-driven human data collection: A guide for practitioners. arXiv:1403.5299, (2014). Download here.


  • DK Wind, P Sapiezynski, MA Furman, and S Lehmann. Inferring Stop-Locations from WiFi. PLOS One 11(2) e0149105 (2106). Download here.
  • P Sapiezynski, A Stopczynski, DK Wind, J Leskovec, S Lehmann. Inferring Person-to-person Proximity Using WiFi Signals. arXiv:1610.04730 (2016). Download here.
  • A Cuttone, P Bækgaard, V Sekara, H Jonsson, JE Larsen, and S Lehmann. SensibleSleep: A Bayesian Model for Learning Sleep Patterns from Smartphone Events. arXiv:1608.06108 (2016). Download here.
  • G Chatzigeorgakidis, A Cuttone, S Lehmann, and JE Larsen. Who Wants to Self-Track Anyway? Measuring the Relation between Self-Tracking Behavior and Personality Traits. arXiv:1608.01870 (2016). Download here.
  • P Sapiezynski, R Gatej, A Mislove, and S Lehmann. Opportunities and Challenges in Crowdsourced War–driving. In “IMC ’15 Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Conference on Internet Measurement Conference”. 267-273  (2015). Find it here.
  • V Sekara  and S Lehmann. The strength of friendship ties in proximity sensor dataPLOS One, 9(7) e100915 (2014). Download here.
  • A Cuttone, S Lehmann, and JE Larsen. A mobile personal informatics system with interactive visualizations of mobility and social interactions, in “Proceedings of the 1st ACM international workshop on Personal data meets distributed multimedia”. 27-30 (2013). Find it here.

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