• Post versus Person

    Post versus Person

    The setup. In this post I want to discuss the topic of filter-bubbles / echo-chambers. I think it’s dangerous to define too specifically what a filter bubble is (for reasons which will become apparent below), but the intuition is some kind of algorithmic sorting that exposes specific groups of people to content that resonates with […]

  • Christoph Stadtfeld Talk

    We are very excited to be joined by Christoph Stadtfeld on April 28th, where he’ll discuss The emergence of social networks and how they matter for individuals. Christoph is an Associate Professor of Social Networks at ETH Zürich. His work investigates how social networks evolve over time and how individuals are affected by the emerging […]

  • Much ado …

    Much ado …

    So, recently, I won a Danish research award. A side effect of winning the award is that a bunch of Sune-material was created around it. For example, an official portrait There is also a video of me doing “research-y” stuff. And there’s even a little written “portrait” of me (in Danish). I can’t really put […]

  • Oh Twitter…

    Experiencing a Twitter take-down A few days ago, I was scrolling on Twitter when I came across a Twitter thread by Dr. Matthew Sweet (@drmatthewsweet) about Johann Hari’s new book Stolen Focus. I haven’t read Stolen Focus, only the parts about our work. Those parts were completely fine, see full backstory below. I don’t know […]

  • My favorite talk by me

    On May 20th, 2014, I gave a talk at Christiania in Copenhagen. The talk was at a cool talk-series called “Science and Cocktails”, and my talk had the title “Complex Networks: Connections, Measurements, and Social Systems“. To this day I still have fond memories of that talk. It was a packed room, in a stylish […]

  • Talk: Leo Anthony Celi

    Hey Copenhageners, I’m happy to announce the first talk in a long, long while. We’re extremely lucky to have Dr. Leo Anthony Celi from MIT kick things off with a talk about his work with Machine Learning for health care. Talk details are below – and if you keep reading, there’s also more info about […]

  • “Too Lazy”: Episode 4 with Leidy Klotz

    Our Episode 4 guest, Leidy Klotz, is a Professor at the University of Virginia. He studies the science of design: how we transform things from how they are – to how we want them to be. Leidy wants to apply his work outside of academia. He wants address climate change and systemic inequality, Leidy also […]

  • “Too Lazy”: Episode 3 with Dirk Brockmann

    This episode’s guest is Dirk Brockmann. Dirk is a physicist and complex systems researcher. He’s a professor at the Department of Biology, Humboldt University of Berlin and the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin. Berfore returning to his native Germany, he was a professor at Northwestern University. Dirk is a man of many talents. His academic work […]

  • “Too Lazy”: Episode 2 with Roberta Sinatra

    Today is Roberta Sinatra day on #TooLazyPod!! Roberta is a physicist, an expert on science of succes, and all-round fantastic person. In the podcast, we talks about her recent paper “Success and luck in creative careers”. In the conversation, talk about a range of things and get deep into the process of creating science, the […]

  • Too Lazy to Read the Paper. Episode 1

    The first episode of my podcast Too Lazy to Read the Paper is out now! This inaugural episode features physicist, urban planning, human mobility and transportation scientist Marta C. González from UC Berkeley explaining the long and winding road to her paper The TimeGeo modeling framework for urban mobility without travel surveys [1]. In the […]