Influential Bots!

A couple of days I wrote (with Piotr Sapieżyński) about our influential Twitterbots [click here to read more]. We know the bots are great at getting followers, but what about other measures of influence? Today, on a whim, I checked the bots’ Klout scores, and was both surprised & impressed.

I’m fairly certain that the bots have higher Klout scores than most readers of this page! (Let me know in the comments if I’m wrong). And they only been tweeting for approx 90 days. For reference, my personal Klout score is currently 48, and I’ve been posting on Twitter since 2008, and have literally thousands of tweets to my name.

What’s even more impressive is that the bot Klout-scores are calculated based on Twitter alone. My own score is also partly based on contributions from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Check out the gallery of bot Klout-scores by clicking on the images below.

I suppose this says more about Klout’s algorithm than about the bots’ actual influence, but it’s still an interesting tidbit.

3 responses to “Influential Bots!”

  1. Interesting! I’ve two notes: according to “Your score is based on a 90 day window”, therefore it does not really matter for how much time the bots were active, as long as it was around 90 days. In addition, in my experience, connecting FB and LinkedIn profiles did not improve my Klout score (44 after logging with my Twitter account), although my visibility on those two networks is at least comparable to that of Twitter. This makes me think that the Klout score is mainly computed based on Twitter “influence” and therefore it might be negligible whether the bots had accounts on other networks or not.

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