The paper itself is Big Data

With 29 pages of text and 9 pages of references, the new paper we’ve just put on arXiv is almost big data in its own right (ok, not quite, but it’s still a nice, big chunk of work).

The paper outlines all the work we’ve done over the past couple of years to put together a great big testbed for network science, working to collect a multiplex dataset (face-to-face, telecommunication, social networks, geospatial- and demographic information)  of around 1000 densely connected individuals.


The abstract reads

This paper describes the deployment of a large-scale study designed to measure human interactions across a variety of communication channels, with high temporal resolution and spanning multiple years – the Copenhagen Networks Study. Specifically, we collect data on face-to-face interactions, telecommunication, social networks, location, and background information (personality, demographic, health, politics) for a densely connected population of 1,000 individuals, using state-of-art smartphones as social sensors. Here we provide an overview of the related work and describe the motivation and research agenda driving the study. Additionally the paper details the data-types measured, and the technical infrastructure in terms of both backend and phone software, as well as an outline of the deployment procedures. We document the participant privacy procedures and their underlying principles. The paper is concluded with early results from data analysis, illustrating the importance of multi-channel high-resolution approach to data collection.

Get it here:

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