Mood, twitter, and the new shape of America

Twitter is a gigantic repository for our collective state of mind. Every second, thousands of tweets reveal what everybody and their mother had for lunch, what Justin Bieber is up to, or what magnificent link you should be checking out right now. Individually, each tweet is mostly interesting to friends/fans of the tweeter, but taken… Continue reading Mood, twitter, and the new shape of America

Pervasive Overlap

Just recently, I came across the following video showing LinkedIn chief scientist DJ Patil explaining the egocentric networks (networks consisting of an individual and their immediate friends) for a few individuals based on their LinkedIn connections. Although the individuals in the center of these egocentric networks are unusual (in the sense that they have many… Continue reading Pervasive Overlap

An animation

A couple of days ago, David Lazer asked me to help him generate an animation of the spread of MFN (trade) treaties in the 1860s. His resulting post on The emergence of international order: The case of MFN treaties in the 1860’s is worth a read! Also, David’s post sparked a nice follow up blog… Continue reading An animation