Employee of the Month

This page contains an overview of current and past winners of the Employee of the Month Prize of the Social Data Group at DTU. Note that it is not necessary to be an employee (or even a group member) to win this prestigious prize.

April and May 2023

Ben Maier and Louis Boucherie for general awesomeness and attracting prestigious prizes (incl substantial cash to the fun-times account) to the group.

Previous winners

March 2022-March 2023.

Sune Lehmann for his physical and mental fortitude in the face of danger.

February 2022

Anna Sapienza for her excellent teaching – and for going waaaay above – and beyond, for example by conducting her lectures in spite of being infected with COVID-19.

November 2020-January 2022

Sune Lehmann for his long term commitment to the group.

October 2020

Germans Savcisens for going above and beyond in his TA duties. A representative real-world quote

How much do you appreciate Germans answering frequency on Slack” 1) A whole f***** lot!! 2) Pretty ridicolously much. 3) That guy? he is a saint!

Anonymous student

January 2016-September 2020

Sune Lehmann for his sense of humor mixed with the strong sense of humility that always characterizes him.

December 2015

Bjarke Mønsted for going above and beyond in his TA duties

October 2014 – November 2015

Sune Lehmann for his unrelenting focus on what’s important and his boyish charms.

September 2014

Arek Stopczynski for his tweet: https://twitter.com/h0pbeat/status/505277516417093632

October 2010 – August 2014

Sune Lehmann for his overall commitment to the cause.

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