Author: Sune Lehmann

  • Big data vs the right data: Thoughts on a recently competed trilogy

    Big data vs the right data: Thoughts on a recently competed trilogy

    Along with a superb group of coauthors (Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Valentin Kassarnig, and David Dreyer Lassen), I recently published Task-specific information outperforms surveillance-style big data in predictive analytics in PNAS. I am very excited about this paper, which is the conclusion to our trilogy of “learning analytics” papers, based on the Copenhagen Networks Study (CNS) dataset. […]

  • Podcast Trailer: Too Lazy to Read the Paper

    I’ve made a silly teaser trailer for the first season of my science podcast project “Too Lazy to Read the Paper”. The setup is a video call where the author explains a paper to me. We can use screen-sharing, for figures, etc. We’ll record the call and post to YouTube. Possible participants are authors of […]

  • Video from talk at University of Exeter

    A couple of days ago I gave a talk at University of Exeter. In the talk I talk about the take on higher-order structures in networks that I developed a couple of years ago – and which I’m still excited about. Check it out below:

  • Let’s build networks of science-friends!

    Let’s build networks of science-friends!

    Conference fatigue. I’m realizing that conferences are not really working for me at the moment. In spite of heroic efforts from conference organizers, super-star speakers, etc. When experienced through the screen in my spare bedroom, it’s all turning into a uniform, gray blur. And I generally don’t enjoy giving talks into a matrix of empty, […]

  • Contact Tracing

    Update May 23rd. Final update for this post. I’m happy to report that the Danish government – in part based on input from our advisory board – has decided to base the Danish contact tracing app on the DP-3T (as implemented by Google and Apple) framework. Details here Update May 1st. Here’s another update. […]

  • Achievement Unlocked!

    Starting march 1st this year, I was promoted to full professor at DTU! Pretty exciting. And if you want proof, take a look at my updated profile page (conveniently screen-shot and marked up below).

  • Arek Stopczynski Visit

    We’re lucky to have Lab Alum Arkadiusz ‘Arek’ Stopczynski visiting the lab on January 9th and 10th. On the 9th, he’s busy being examiner at a PhD Defense, but on his second day in Denmark, he’s going to give a talk to tell us about what he’s been up to since starting at Google af […]

  • Complex Networks in Cambridge

    Complex Networks in Cambridge

    I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Complex Networks 2018 conference last week in Cambridge, UK. I learned a lot and got caught up a bit with all the amazing work that’s going within complex network analysis and see some of the great new young researchers in the field. At the community detection sessions, […]

  • TEDx Aarhus

    TEDx Aarhus

    In the beginning of October, I headed to Aarhus to participate in TEDx Aarhus. It’s was a great learning experience and excellent fun to participate in that event. The Aarhus TEDx crew were  just super pro at everything. That includes excellent, pro-level photos – and they posted all those great photos to Flickr.  Below, I’m […]

  • Pantelis Pipergias Analytis visit

    On October 9th, we are lucky to have Pantelis Pipergias Analytis visiting the group. Pantelis recently moved as an assistant professor at the Danish Institute of Advanced Studies (D-IAS) at the  University of Southern Denmark. Before moving to Denmark, he spent the past two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Computer and Information Science department at […]