NetSci 2013: Nine reasons to go (Reason 1)

Ok, so this June we’re having the NetSci conference right here in Copenhagen. Registration is now open and the call for paper closes on March 15th. So in these last few days leading up to that deadline, I’m going to list some of what I think are the main reasons that you should dust off your danish phrase books, submit your most exciting work, and head right over to your favorite online travel agent to book a ticket to go to NetSci this year!

Reason 1: The venue

This year’s venue is simply spectacular. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel like a better person just for showing up. The architecture of the Danish Royal Library (where we’re having the conference) is breathtaking, and you’ll be surrounded by (to mention a couple of random examples) original handwritten Kierkegaard manuscripts and Bohr’s notes and journals.

To provide you all with a sense of how amazing this space is going to be, I’ve included a few photos:

And the interior is spectacular as well:

And the venue is, of course, just the beginning – we have many more pleasant surprises planned. Stay tuned for Reason 2.


13 responses to “NetSci 2013: Nine reasons to go (Reason 1)”

  1. No Letterman-style ‘Top Ten’ list in the traditional reverse order?

    And one or two of the reasons should be snarky, of course.

    E.g. ‘Reason number 5: “Three words: Zachary Karate Club” ‘

  2. […] When I started the “Nine reasons” series of posts, I had planned a single Letterman top-ten style “silly” reason. I’d forgotten, however, that the general NetSci audience is a clever bunch, so I was a little bit disappointed that when I posted “Reason 1″, Mason Porter saw that one coming a mile away. In a comment, he noted […]

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