NetSci 2013: Nine reasons to go (Reason 7)

When I started the “Nine reasons” series of posts, I had planned a single Letterman top-ten style “silly” reason. I’d forgotten, however, that the general NetSci audience is a clever bunch, so I was a little bit disappointed (but also impressed) when I posted “Reason 1”, and Mason Porter saw that one coming a mile away. In a comment, he noted

No Letterman-style ‘Top Ten’ list in the traditional reverse order? And one or two of the reasons should be snarky, of course. E.g. ‘Reason number 5: “Three words: Zachary Karate Club” ‘

Beating me to the punch (and with a better joke).

My original silly reason was

Petter and I paid for everything using my mom’s credit card, so we
need your registration money or I’ll be grounded for NetSci 2014.

But I kind of revealed that one in my answer to Mason, so I’ve had to come up with new material.

Reason 7: Ok, the snarky/silly reasons.

Here’s what I have so far – the jokes are pretty weak, so please forgive me.

Rules of NetSci:

  • First rule of NetSci. Submit an abstract to NetSci.
  • Second rule of NetSci. SUBMIT an abstract to NetSci.
  • Third rule of NetSci: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out the talk is over.
  • Fourth rule of NetSci: Only approximately one person to a talk.
  • Fifth rule of NetSci: One talk at a time (unless it’s a parallel session).
  • Sixth rule of NetSci: Wear a shirts, and shoes.
  • Seventh rule of NetSci: Talk will stay strictly within time limits.
  • Eighth rule of NetSci: If this is your first NetSci, you HAVE to talk.

Another good reason to go is that on the first day of a NetSci conference, Laszlo can’t deny any request. (But some day, and that day may never come, he may call upon you to do a service for him. But until that day, consider his justice a gift on the first day of NetSci).


Stay tuned for the remaining two (serious) reasons – and don’t forget to check out the other reasons to visit NetSci 2013.

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